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Cracked Heels

By Isela Lavadenz on 21st March 2019 in Conditions we treat

The sun is out, you’ve bought your new summer sandals, but the skin on your heels looks dry, cracking and likely to be looking inflamed and feeling quite sore…..

You possibly have cracked heels! – A common condition that usually occurs as a consequence of exposing the skin to the elements.

Skin on the heels can easily get dehydrated when exposed to sun, wind and sea. If not hydrated enough dry skin will split and form cracks also known as fissures. These can then create an entry for bacteria and a risk of infection. Some people are more prone to dry skin, and risk factors include aging, hormones, some systemic conditions, medication and poor circulation.

So how do you keep feet as hydrated as possible? Apart from keeping yourself generally hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day, it really helps to moisturise your feet daily ideally 2-3 times a day. Moisturisers with Urea are strongly advised for very dry skin conditions and cracked heels. Urea is efficient at locking in moisture and thus preventing the skin from over-drying. Bathe your feet in a bowl of warm salty water regularly to deep clean any cracks and then follow with moisturising. 

Podiatrists can help your heels heal!  If you suffer from cracked heels and notice redness and warmth with or without pain get your feet examined by a Podiatrist we will examine your feet to rule out any signs of infection. We can apply dressings, paddings and give you advice to help keep you comfortable.  

We can also get rid of any hard skin followed by deep moisturising with a relaxing foot massage to finish…..Happy summer feet!


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