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What does a chiropody appointment involve?

By FeetPlusPodiatry on 7th April 2013 in FeetPlus News

We are often asked…”What do you do in a foot appointment?”…

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Here is an answer we recently gave that covers a typical initial visit…

“A chiropody appointment will usually involve initial discussion of your medical history, medication & history of foot or lower limb problems.

We will undertake normal foot examination, and check foot and ankle pulses.
If required, basic bio-mechanical assessment, neurological testing or doppler ultrasound would be done. We will also discuss any footwear issues you may be encountering.
Feet are sprayed with a preoperative disinfectant, nails cut and filed where necessary. Hard skin is reduced. If padding or strapping is required this will be applied. Then emollients are applied extensively.
We will discuss any continuing need for further appointments or discuss self care regimes and then conclude the appointment.
You will then be introduced to the reception staff who will take payment of fees, usually£33.50 for a standard appointment and any additional costs discussed and agreed during the consultation. Any follow up appointments required will then be booked. If we do not need to book any future appointments we will arrange reminder letters,SMS messages or emails at an appropriate interval.
Appointments are usually available within one to three days with any practitioner. Some practitioners do have a wait of 2+ weeks.”
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